Dec 18, 2014

Stylish Christmas Tree or Family Heirloom Tree?

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I've struggled a little this year with my Christmas tree decor. Usually, pulling out my treasured ornaments is a delightful exercise which brings back memories. We have inherited a substantial collection of vintage bulbs and these have been complimented by cute ornaments I've picked up over the years. And in recent times, we've began to amass a collection of hand made items by the kids. Suffice to say that we have an amazing collection of ornaments. Most years, I spend time just looking at the tree and reveling in its beauty.

But this year was a little different. I feel like we've had the same tree for the last five years now and I needed a change. Not too different though as I had to put up all the old favorites for both me and the kiddos. So I decided to change up the color scheme using bulbs. Traditionally my tree is red and white. Here is a pic from last year:

This year I tried to do more of a 'multi' color theme using the bulbs. Now it must be said that I have not been using a lot of my good vintage bulbs because the kids break them so easily. I've given in for the time being and purchased plastic bulbs. I really don't like them as well but they get the job done and prevent tears from being shed.

Without further ado - here is what our tree looks like this year (as decorated by my kids with help from me):

 Honestly, I don't love it. I've been seeing all these gorgeous styled up trees around the blogosphere and I want one. Really, what we need is two trees. The family tree and the chic, stylish tree with a well coordinated color theme, extra large baubles, and tassels.  I think a rent a tree business idea could really work. It would be totally fun to rent a tree with the latest themed ornaments and then return it after the season is over. No fussing with storing all those ornaments and the ability to easily change up the tree based on the latest trends. Somebody start this business! is everyone else's tree doing this year? Have you had as much angst about your tree or are you simply enjoying it (as you should!)

I leave you with this amusing item:

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