Jan 21, 2015

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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Do you recognize that phrase from the title of this post? Although I wouldn't call today a resounding success it wasn't as bad as the title may lead you to believe. The title refers to a movie we saw as a family and absolutely LOVED. It is is a wonderful choice for families to watch together and I wanted to tell you about it today.

It's based on a beloved children's book by Judith Viorst that I read it to my boys many times. It's a story that is easy to relate to for many children and it has some good life lessons. The book itself is quite simple. It describes all the things that went wrong for Alexander and how he dreams of moving to Australia to escape. At the end of day, as his mom tucks him in for bed, she says some days are like that 'even in Australia'.

The movie begins with Alexander having bad luck and his family not understanding. He wishes they had bad luck so that they would understand what it is like for him. Soon his mom, dad, older brother and sister are suffering through a series of funny embarrassments as everything that could possible go wrong does. There are a lot of cute moments but the scene where the mom trys to save a book reading gone terribly awry about a 'dump a day' had me doubled over with laughter.

My kids and husband loved the movie too and that's hard to find. Usually, if the kids like it I'm bored and vice versa. This movie has something for everybody and lots of funny moments to keep everyone in tee heeing.

Part of why the movie works so well is the actors. Steve Carell can do no wrong in my book. Little Miss Sunshine, Crazy Stupid Love, the Office, and Despicable Me (another family favorite) - I would see any movie Steve Carell was in. Add Jennifer Garner into the mix and the movie had everything I needed.

So there you have it. A movie review from me to you. Any that you'd recommend? Don't worry, I won't try to turn this into a movie review blog. I just think it's fun to occasionally share about a movie or book that I absolutely loved in hopes that it may lead someone else out there to find the same.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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