Jan 14, 2015

Adding Gold and Neon to the Office

Hi friends,

Today, I am back planning the office that I almost never use :) It's fun to decorate though so hopefully at some point it will be so pretty that I will want to stop working from bed and actually work at my desk. Over the holidays I got a new Ikea desk for the office. We still need to get the file cabinets but having a larger work surface already makes a difference.

Next comes the fun part - accessories and and wall decor. I am going for an 80's vibe and want to inject lots of neon color, black and gold into the room. Accessories are perfect for this because if I get tired of the color scheme I can easily swap them out at a later date.

Here is my idea board for the accessories:
Office Goodness

Sources listed below

Pink desk lamp
78 CAD - dotandbo.com

Kotonadesign black magnetic board
110 CAD - finnishdesignshop.com

Kate Spade office accessory
45 CAD - lifeguardpress.com

Kate Spade office accessory
34 CAD - macys.com

Old World Design gold mirror
125 CAD - purehome.com

Geometric sculpture
99 CAD - etsy.com

Swivel furniture
2,150 CAD - abchome.com

Fatima Dress Making Scissors (Gold)
12 CAD - amazon.com

Anything you would add? I'll have more updates on the office progress over the coming weeks

I leave you today with this:

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