Jan 18, 2015

Around the house - Terrariums and such

Hi friends,

Awk.... its Monday again. How did that happen?

Today, I thought I'd share a few updates from around the house. Nothing too grand. But it's fun to share.

It was my birthday this past week. Yes - a January baby. We are a winter born family with all of our birthdays hitting late Nov, January and then Feb 1. Keeping it cold we are.

One of my gifts was this lovely terrarium. The perfect thing for these dull winter months:

Next, I have sneak preview of our guest room. You can see from the pic it's not done but this gives a good idea of where we are headed with the room. More to follow on this as a I made a final pilgrimage to Target this weekend to pick up new bedding and accessories (Sniff, Sniff....I am so sad the Canadian stores are closing).

Finally, I have this funny item to share with you:

It's a frozen weather station. My kiddos got this as a gift for Christmas and we've been enjoying watching what it has to say about the weather. It's the little things :)

I leave you today with this awesomeness:

Thanks for stopping by!

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