Jan 11, 2015

DIY Cloud Acrylic Painting

Hi friends,

Alas it is Sunday night again. Sigh.....Hope you've had a lovely and fulfilling weekend and are ready to start the coming week.

Today, I have some DIY artwork to share. I had some time to mess around with my acrylic paints over the holidays and am really happy with the results. Painting has always been a source of frustration for me because I spend time getting supplies and setting up and then the work never seems to turn out like I imagined. One struggle has always been mixing the paint colors. I never seemed to get the right shade and much paint was wasted along the way.

All of the changed after the painting party / tutorial I attended in San Francisco in the fall. I learned that the paint can be mixed right on the canvas and that you can just keep painting over problem areas until they turn out as desired. These were life altering realizations! That and white paint is my friend.

So here was the inspiration for my painting:

I just love the coastal vibe and the dreamy clouds. Swoon....

And here is how mine turned out:

Not exactly the same but close enough. I swear anybody can do this! (Not necessarily to the level of a professional artist but at a level that you will be proud of like mine). It's just a matter of getting some acrylic paints and several different brush sizes. Make sure to have at least one really fine one and one chunkier one. In terms of a canvas, I picked one up at our local art store but you could also paint over an existing art piece you no longer want.

I used plenty of white paint and for the clouds and that then dabbed and blended with greys and blues. For the blues in the sky, I used the paint from this kit I purchased a while back and it made getting the right shades that much easier.

I am now planning to create a whole series of this style of paintings as it is very freeing to paint and I love that I can get exactly the colors I want. Now I just need some time ;)

Do you enjoy painting and often see paintings that you'd like to re-create? I'd love to get ideas for easy things to paint if you'd like to share

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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