Jan 6, 2015

New Living Room Rug

Hi friends,

Hope you are surviving this week between going back to work after the holidays and the colder weather (if you live in the North like we do). It's been bone chilling cold here and I am already done with winter. Only a few more months to go :) I'm also trying to eat cleaner following the holiday extravaganza and that has also been tough going. It's all about sticking with new things and getting over the hump to make them a habit so I'm giving it my best.

Today, I have a fun house update to share. We finally took the plunge and bought the rug of our dreams for our living room. With messy kids and moving around, we weren't ready to commit earlier. Now that we are in the new house and have a bit more space (read a room that I can keep nice by keeping people out), I have gone for it and purchased a fancy rug.

For those that living in Toronto, Elte is ground zero for serious rug buying. We live the farthest possible away from it but make the journey there whenever possible. After several trips and trying out a few rugs, I found that they have an exciting free service where they bring the rugs to your house and try them out for you. Free! I was prepared to say a polite 'no thank you' if I didn't absolutely love the rugs we picked to try because its a serious commitment but then I saw the rug in the room and it was perfect. Light and bright but still traditional in design. It's got a coastal vibe which I love and is quite neutral so I change up the room as desired in the future.

Here are some pics of the rug. Keep in mind that we aren't finished decorating this room yet. There is more to come:

So there you have it. My first fancy rug. Next up - fancy end tables and lamps to go with it.

I leave you today with this amusing item:
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