Jan 13, 2015

Sneak Peak: New Bed

Hi friends,

Hope you are keeping warm. It was ridiculously cold today and I for one am ready for summer. Bring it on.

Today, I am sharing a sneak peak of our new bed. It's not done yet and the pictures aren't awesome but I just had to share as I am super excited. This is the first real bed we've owned. A few years back we invested in a proper mattress and box spring but we kept our old DIY upholstered headboard and used a cheap metal bed frame. But we finally invested in a proper grown up bed. Here are some pics:

Step one - the bed is delivered and I ponder the possibilities for the room

Step two - the bed is set up

The bed is from a store just North of Toronto called Urban Accents. The price was $699 which I thought was reasonable. I am not a big spender when it comes to our bedroom because nobody ever sees it. However, I do want it to be a an 'oasis' of serenity and calm that makes me happy when I am at home.

Next steps on the list include:

  • Purchase new duvet and decorative pillows
  • Large area rug for the room (just something simple)
  • New end tables and lamps
  • New ceiling lights and fan
  • Art and wall decor

No big rush on these items as I need to save up more $$.

The other news is that we will be setting up the old headboard, boxspring, and metal frame in the guest room. No more mattress on the floor. Staying at Casa Marshall will be fancy now.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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