Feb 2, 2015

End Tables for the Living Room.

Hi friends,

Phew....we survived another Monday. And what a snow filled, gusty cold Monday it was! January - I am glad you are done. Now 1.5 months to go until winter weather will no longer be tolerated. Yes - my kids enjoyed playing in the snow. Yes - it is a pretty winter wonderland outside. No - I still don't care for winter.

So onto brighter topics: My living room. As you may recall, my living room is lacking light. Strangely, it has no overhead light. And it is located at the front of the house and just doesn't get the same amount of sunshine that the back does. I've done what I could - convincing my husband to paint it white, purchasing a gorgeous silvery area rug, but still it needs more.

Hence, my latest obsession - end tables and lamps. The lamps will brighten things up! Or at least make night time reading a little easier :)

The trouble is...there are speakers flanking my couch. Move them you say? Ha ha. Easier said then done. Someone at Casa Marshall, I'm not naming names here, really likes his stereo system and is very particular about it's configuration.

So I need to find end tables that won't block the speakers. Here is my idea board that shows what I'm working with and my initial thoughts:

More living room ideas

As you can see...I took the liberty of adding drapes and art too. Which lamp do you like best? The left or the right?

And not to limit myself, I pulled together a bunch more options below:

End Table Scenarios

Number 3 really talks to me. How about you? Now to find one at a reasonable price point and at a Canadian retailer. Stay tuned :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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