Feb 22, 2015

Planning updates to our entryway

Hi friends,

Hope you kept warm this weekend. As I write this, we are watching the Oscars. I was dissapointed to see so many pale colored dresses....the jewel tones are always my favorite. Some of my favorite films are being recognized so its all good I guess.

Back to today's topic, making our entryway more glamorous. We have really great wainscoting but the entryway doesn't have the sophisticated look I am seeking. A few changes and I am hopeful we will get there.

As a reminder, here is pic of the entryway at Casa Marshall:

The plan is to get a custom built-in bench, add crown moulding and replace the window to really polish off the look. As far as all the accouterments, I've pulled together an idea board:

Greet them with glitz

So that is kinda the plan. We won't be starting right away but the entryway is the next project on the list. I think its super important to make a good first impression.

I leave you today with this amusing item (totally not glitzy or related to entryway decor but it made me laugh and hopefully you will too):

Thanks for stopping by!

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