Mar 30, 2015

Easter Eye Candy

Hi friends,

Hard to believe but Easter is around the corner. It's a great way to celebrate Spring and brighten things up around the house so we fully indulge in it.

Here at Casa Marshall, I've got a pretty arrangement of Forsythia to get us in the mood. These happy yellow spring flowers are the best way to welcome the season.

Pay no attention to my open cupboards, wow butter and wine bottles. Somehow real life snuck in ;)

I've also rounded up a few ideas from around the blogsphere. We may try some of these on Friday as the whole family is off and it would be fun to work on these with the kiddos.

I've always wanted to try making natural dyed eggs.

Or how about these fun guys?

And finally, this cake looks just heavenly:

I leave you today with this amusing spring tribute from the 70's:

They thought of everything! No detail was missed. Grass carpet and all.
Thanks for stopping by!

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