Mar 16, 2015

Let's talk home security systems

Hi friends,

Let's talk shop. Do you have a home security system? I am interested to know everyone's thoughts on this topic as we are considering upgrading ours.

Full disclosure - We didn't have one until a few years ago when we got broken into on Christmas day. They had smashed the glass from our back patio doors and it was a huge mess to clean up. I learned two things from that experience - deterrents are a must and if they want to come in they will. No point fortifying the front door if there is a ground floor window available.

Currently, we are using a combination of Alarm Force and cameras. I believe the coverage is pretty good and I think the signs are an excellent deterrent (they say don't come here try an easier place).  But I think we can do more!

Have you checked out these 2 way door answering systems that include a camera that links to your cell and allows you to answer your door remotely? Love it. The idea of answering the door remotely appeals to me. Also, I could answer the door from our third floor bedroom without having to grab an robe and run downstairs. Better for everyone involved.

The first one we saw was It looked promising but the reviews weren't great. This may come along in a few years time but right now it didn't fit the bill. My husband just found the following one though at 

This may be the answer! Have any of you tried this? Would love to hear your thoughts. At this point, we are planning to go ahead with this option so hopefully I'll be able to provide a review of how it works shortly. It comes in different colors too.

BTW - the best security option is likely an angry dog but unfortunately, I am allergic to dogs so that can't happen at this time. Should my allergies be resolved though, this would be my go to security system.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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  1. A home security system seems like a good idea on the surface but it doesn't really do much to protect your home. You catch the intruder on camera, but so what? He's already escaped into the night with your belongings and all you're left with is a video reminder of being robbed.

    You're better off investing in fortifying your entrances (including windows) so that intruders can't get in in the first place. That's just my opinion, anyway. And if you have the extra money, a security system certainly doesn't hurt.

    Fred | Surprise Locksmith


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