Mar 3, 2015

The joy of painting

Hi friends,

Today I am sharing another painting. It's nothing fancy and certainly not commercial quality but it was fun and challenging. Painting provides a creative outlet when most of my daily life is routine and structured. It's not as challenging as I remember it from high school art class but that's probably because I've chosen simple themes and there is no pressure to get it right. If I don't like it - I just paint over it the next time. This happens a lot but it certainly saves money on canvas costs.

Here is the inspiration for the painting:

And here is how it turned out:

Not an exact match but you can see the resemblance. Next up I want to try a coastal waterfront scene.

BTW - have you been watching House of Cards Season 3? We are on episode 8 and loving it. Not sure it's quite as good as last season but still so riveting. Frank Underwood's ability to anticipate people's moves and outsmart them is legendary.

I leave you today with this important reminder on the importance of pattern placement:

Thanks for stopng by!

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