May 19, 2015

Spring in the garden

Hi friends,

Okay - things have been quiet around here. I admit it. That's the first step towards addressing a problem right? So it's likely going to be another low post week around here as other parts of my life are currently way too busy but I am committed to getting back to a more frequent posting schedule. Stick with me friends.

Today, I am sharing some updates from around the garden. Spring is here, planting season has begun in Canada, and our garden makes me happy. I am by no means a gardener but I like to dabble and this weekend we made excellent progress. Below are some snaps.

Our lilac hedge in bloom:

Plants purchased

Look at this pretty...

The bunky has been gussied up with tropical planters. This picture shows my helpers taking a break to explore the toys in the Bunky. They did help with the planting and raking and at $1 per weed pulled much progress was made.

Thanks for stopping by!

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