Aug 18, 2015

New bathroom Sconces

Hello friends,

We've been enjoying summer - so not as much posting as I'd like but lot's of precious moments with the family.

We have got a few projects underway (and a wasp nest in our bedroom wall) but today I just a quick update. Ever since we moved into the house I wanted to replace the sconces in our second floor bathroom. The ones I wanted were expensive and in general I find there is limited selection when it comes to sconces.

Here is a before pic

The tulips had to go.

A few weeks ago, I made the journey up to the Toronto Design District and visited Union Lighting. They have one of the best selections in the city. I found sconces that had glass crystals that matched the Robert Abbey bling chandelier and was sold.

Here is the after

We need to fix the paint (the previous owners had painted around the sconces). We also need a new mirror and tap. And,...I worry that the bathroom is too glitzy / blingy now but it will be okay.  I am okay to install double sinks anyway so that will be the time to right any wrongs.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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Aug 4, 2015

It's DIY Art Time Again

Hi friends

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. The boys were away at the cottage this weekend so I was on my own.  I shopped a lot of course. But mostly, I gathered ideas for the house.

I went to GH Johnston Trading Company as they always have well priced furniture. They also have a pretty awesome art selection of large, hand panted canvasses. Art is expensive though. It is well worth it but I'm not sure I am ready to commit yet.

So,...I've decided to try my hand at some more painting. Just the abstract kind - nothing too technical.

I finished off a small canvas I've been meaning to finish

And....I purchased a super large canvas for the living room. The plan is to install an electric fireplace here but in the meantime the room is driving me crazy. It's so drab. It needs color. Hence, it's DIY art time. The canvas wasn't a small investment at $50 plus the cost of paint but it's far less than the $2000-3000 prices for professional art of this size.

Here is where the canvas will go. I tried it in both dimensions and have decided lengthwise is best. Sorry about the grainy photos. The good camera went to the cottage for the weekend so I had to use my iphone (hopefully this will make for more exciting after photos).

So stay tuned...

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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